Graduate Terminal Projects Submitted to Departments

The large majority of ETDs produced at UF are supported and managed by the Graduate School’s Editorial Office. However, a steadily growing number of degree programs require terminal projects that are supported and managed by departments. In 2009, the IR@UF began to host these works, often called projects in lieu of theses (PILOTs). The Libraries work directly with the colleges and departments to load these items, which often include non-traditional formatting and/or audio, video, or other types of files beyond text-centered files.

Please contact your department’s graduate advisor for specific details about the procedures that you need to follow to enable us to add your work to the IR.

Overview of how non-Graduate School projects are published in the IR@UF

Please remember, your department or program, not the Libraries, determine what you need to do to have your terminal project formally accepted for partial fulfillment of your degree requirements. These procedures vary by department and change from time to time, so the Libraries cannot give authoritative answers to questions about them.

Although each department has its own specific procedures, they all include methods of collecting the following common elements:

  • The final, formally accepted version of your project file(s)
  • Your permission to make your work publicly available in the IR@UF
    • If your work includes copyrighted material that exceeds fair use, your department will need grants of permission from the copyright holders
  • Data to support generating your bibliographic record
  • An email address that the Libraries can use to contact you after your UF account closes